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What better place for our four-legged friends to run and play than the dog park?
There are plenty of options in a green city like Bergamo but remember, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everybody has a pleasant experience!

- First of all, owners must know their dogs well and have total control
- If your furry friend runs rings around you when you try and put them back on the lead, best not take them off the lead at all!
- If your female dog is on heat, we recommend postponing your visit to the dog park so that she isn’t swarmed by every male dog present
- If your dog is particularly protective of their toys or treats, we recommend leaving them at home to avoid getting into fights with other dogs.

If you think that your dog might not get on with the other dogs in the park, check with the other owners before going in. You can always wait for them to leave.

Parco Scattini (Via Wolfang Goethe)
Parco Scattini (Via Wolfang Goethe)

There are plenty of Dog Parks in Bergamo, but the "Di Biagio" team particularly recommend the following:

Parco Loreto is equipped even with a modern play area for children as well as ample parking and has the choice of a very large dog area, ideal for larger breeds, and a smaller one, perfect if you prefer less company for your furry friend.

Parco Scattini (Via Goethe) is open 24 hours! Choose between 2 connected dog areas, ideal for a longer visit, both of which have a fountain.

Green area at Triangolo Residence (Via San Lazzaro)
Green area at Triangolo Residence (Via San Lazzaro)

Parco Leopardi (in via Leopardi), although not very spacious, is very well kept and full of plants and bushes, ideal for people who live more centrally.

Your dog will also find toys and balls available in the green area at Triangolo Residence (Via San Lazzaro); unfortunately, the space is a little limited and often very crowded!

Greenway del Morla
Greenway del Morla

Via Maironi Da Ponte provides access to the very large dog park on the "Greenway del Morla", which is well-fenced and has a fountain. After a good run around, you can enjoy a lovely walk along the bike path with your four-legged friend on the lead.

The most important rule of all: always pick up your dog poo!!!


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