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Like the red skin of the pomegranate stands out from the tree so does the red door that very evening puts ZAKURO to sleep (that in Japanese means Pomegranate) in S.Tomaso street, one of the most beautiful street in town.
Emiliano (photographer, italian) and Risa (Stylist ,Japanese), couple in real life as well, couldn’t choose a better place to make magic happen.

Risa, textile design graduation with master in Fashion textile, with attention to every minimal details gives souls to her creations, making as final result unique dresses. Either Italian or Japanese fabric, sometimes dyed and printed from Risa with traditional technique.

For sure the person who will wear them will feel as unique and special as the dress itself.



facebook: Studio-Zakuro-

times: Showroom, Friday and Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 15:00-20:00

address: Via San tomaso 34A, Bergamo