Bergamo City Kiwi is an out-of-the-ordinary guide to special local businesses that work with passion and dedication every day. We aim to be a tool not only for curious tourists who want to get straight to the heart of the city, but also for local residents who want to enjoy a new and unexpected perspective of Bergamo.

The project was started by two young women who wanted to share an alternative side to their city as well as promoting lesser known local businesses that risked being ignored simply because they were outside the classic tourist trail.

This is how both the name and philosophy of the guide came about: the Kiwi Shops are rare and precious places that must be preserved. Just like the kiwi, a curious feathered friend from New Zealand that was adopted to represent the project.

All our Kiwi Shops have one thing in common: the utmost quality and excellence. From niche boutiques to highly specialised crafts, from places offering local delicacies to microcosms of international culture.

The Bergamo City Kiwi guide covers the lesser known yet equally vibrant parts of the city that extend across its historic neighbourhoods, preserving great intrigue as well as architectural and cultural importance.

CityKiwi Team

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