La Fiaschetteria

Old style italian osteria

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A place with a name that brings you back in the years, a real tavern,” La Fiaschetteria”, place for refreshment with a really good selection of quality products chosen from a passionate host.

Gianni’s passion comes from generations, infact, like his great grandfather at the end of the eighteenth century, Gianni decided to recreate an ancient atmosphere that could make you feel like home.

The products selection comes from the Alpine and Transalpine cultures and often from the result of the village’s cooperation, but not only that. A highlight has to be done to “Il Crudo Riserva di Ca’ del Botto” (Ardesio), Bergamo’s Ham, not well known but with an impressive taste.
Potato is the star, one of their delicious dish is the revisited steamed Jacket potatoes using potatoes in a complete different concept, from the “Raclette”, made with raclette cheese that in cooperation with Formager comes directly from France, to the the potato covered with trout or salmerino fillet.

A real blast from the past, with good wine, nice food and an innkeeper that makes you always feel like home.



facebook: fiaschet

times: from Monday to Saturday 19:00-24:00

address: Via Borgo Santa Caterina 8, Bergamo

phone: 035 245653