Tassino Cafè

Italian aperitivo and cocktail bar

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Alessandro and Gianluca, owners of Tassino Cafè, came up with a place that is not the usual bar but more like a meeting place in one of the most beautiful squares of Bergamo.

The quality and taste in image of Tassino cafe are perfectly represented by a room on the first floor: giving attention to small details this small place is worth it as much as one of the best clubs in Europe projecting those who enter this space into a complete new dimension, and the presence of a “fake” kitchen makes people feel like home.

Perfect place for different circumstances such as meeting up with friends or maybe just people passing by for breakfast, lunch or aperitivo.

Using their great experience in wine and spirits in general , Alessandro and Gianluca organize theme nights such as “Gin a modo mio” (Gin my way) and “Wine T'aim”.

Tassino Cafè is one of the top bar in the city centre and the best meeting point for the people in Bergamo.

web: www.tassinocatering.com

mail: info@tassinoeventi.com

facebook: tassino

times: from Monday to Sunday 7:00-23:00

address: Largo Rezzara 4, Bergamo

phone: 035 4284500