La Bottega del Gusto

Wine bar and italian typical products

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This small shop only recently opened on Via San Tomaso and offers a handpicked selection of typical local products of the highest quality.

Monica only started her venture after months of meticulous research during which she carefully selected the products. Here you can find special cold cuts such as Parma ham (prosciutto di parma), aged 36 months, and Lombard Bologna or delicious preserves such as Delizia Albese homemade tomato passata and not only Italian goods, but also Ventresca tuna or Spanish mantis shrimps.

This bottega is also an enoteca (wine specialist), offering wine selected by Salvatore, Monica's wine connoisseur husband.

In the evenings, try out their excellent and unusual aperitivo, where you can taste the delicious selection this bottega has to offer.


facebook: La-Bottega-Del-Gusto-

times: from Monday to Saturday 9:30-13:00 / 15:30-20:00, Thursday and Friday night opening until 24:00

address: Via S. Tomaso 90, Bergamo

phone: 035 237346