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  • Moscato di Scanzo wine cellar
  • Villa Pagnoncelli, tasting
  • Villa Pagnoncelli, tasting
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  • Moscato di Scanzo wineyard
  • Villa Pagnoncelli, tasting

The cultivation of Muscat grapes has always been a passion for the Pagnoncelli Folcieri family, although it all started with Giancarlo Pagnoncelli (third-generation pharmacist) betting on a few vines he had in his garden back in the 1950s.

Production, initially only 6 bottles, gradually expanded and involved the whole family.

The vineyards are found on the ideal hilly lands of Mount Bastia, Moscato di Scanzo DOCG territory, while the cellar is located inside charming seventeenth-century Villa Pagnoncelli, in the heart of Scanzo, where dinner and tasting menus of typical local wines and products are available upon reservation.

Moscato Pagnoncelli Folcieri is one of the best producers of Moscato di Scanzo, the smallest DOCG in Italy.



facebook: MoscatodiScanzoPagnoncelliFolcieri

address: Via Martinengo Colleoni 110, Scanzorosciate, Bergamo

phone: +39 3398614814