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Lucio began creating jewellery in 1984 when he combined this true passion with his work as an architect.

His jewellery begins in his workshop on Borgo Canale. It is here that he designs, works and creates in a totally technology-free environment. In fact he is of the idea that the tools used in jewellery making today “limit the interpretative ability of the artist which is what gives the jewellery meaning and removes that manual touch that makes something unique and amazing”.

Lucio mainly works in silver, which shines at you from every corner when entering the shop, but also in gold and less precious metals such as brass, copper or aluminium. He uses pearls mostly as well as other stones and gems.

Lucio does not only make jewellery but also splendid silver vases and aluminium lamps.



address: Via Borgo canale 6a, Bergamo

phone: 035 0602210